Adorama - eCommerce

🗒 Overview

US owned and operated electronics retailer founded in 1975. They sell new and used cameras, lenses, audio, video, drones, music instruments, and more in a massive, multi-floored Chelsea store in New York City.

Inventory management

🚀 Background

Working alongside multidisciplinary teams of designers, developers outside and in-house, marketers and product managers through the entire design process.

  • Turn mockup design into a responsive front-end.
  • Used user feedback tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar to implement accessibility changes that improved the website’s flow and reduced cart abandonment.

Brand promotional educational microsite

Mobile view of raw mockup
Desktop view of raw mockup

🚀 Customer Satisfaction

The previous experience required a customer to call customer service to return for any items purchased inside the store or online.

  • Allow customers to process exchanges, returns, and/or replacements of products online, instead of calling customer service.
  • Improve the experience of single or multiple items selected for exchange.
  • Allow for return or exchange of products in any category and provide proper user experience (UX) messaging.
  • Increase awareness of the return policy in checkout and in the account shopping list dashboard.
  • Provide user flow of multiple scenarios, wireframes, mockups and frontend solution as a guidance for the backend developer.
  • Improve new account creation in multiple sections of eCommerce.
  • Email verification process for new or existing users.


🗒 Products

  • Cameras, lenses, audio, video, drones, and Instruments
  • Camping, hiking, climbing, cycling, and outdoor equipment
  • Rent digital cinema cameras, lenses, grips, lighting, photography, and video gear
  • Scuba diving, snorkeling, and underwater gear