Law Firm Headless CMS

Creative Director (Art + Design) & Full Stack Developer, 2021

🗒 Overview

The redesign of a law firm website to improve user experience, follow best practices of SEO and integrate a headless content management system (CMS) for admin users to make easy edits, deletions, and enter new content.

🖼 Moodboard

In the night at the beach

✍ Oswald By Vernon Adams, Kalapi Gajjar, Cyreal

🍬 Palette

🍭 Gradient

In the night at the beach

Color exploration

🛠 Development

  • Design and prototype using Figma
  • Front-end development using GatsbyJS a React framework
  • Back-end CMS using DatoCMS with GraphQL for query data
  • Code watch in Gatbsy Cloud and Netlify
  • Code stored in Github

🛠 Sitemap

In the night at the beach

📸 Landing page UI design

In the night at the beach

👁 Attorney and Practice Areas UI Design

Mockups design 2
Mockups design 3