Vinyl Label Design

Art Direction, Print Design, 2019

🗒 Overview

World-class Colombian DJ, producer and sound engineer based in New York City. His work spans numerous genres, producing music for both established and breakout artists.

🖼 Moodboard: Endless Motion of Energy

Northern lights
air flow in paint
energy flow
touching hands
generate art

🚀 Background

I first encountered Alexander in Brooklyn's underground music scene when he was remixing ‘Scumdolly – Making Ends Meet’ for Blkmarket Music label. At the same time, he was working on his own four track vinyl record for his label ERRANT Recordings Inc. I soon joined him to become part of his vision.

📸 Photography exploration

In the night at the beach

💭 Concept

As part of my discovery phase, I studied the illusion of time within space and how artists have used it in the past to describe it visually. His only request at the time was to use one of the paintings by the artist Pablo Carpio, as shown below.

untitled 01 by Pablo Carpio
untitled 02 by Pablo Carpio

✍ LIQUIDO Fluid By Alessandro Comotti

👓 Title

I spent days doing research and asking around for a minimal sans serif font family that captures a melting abstraction yet also captures the style of artist Pablo Carpio’s paintings.

🍬 Palette

🎯 Results

The Vinyl version of ERR002 can be found at Discogs and or the digital version at Bandcamp and Beatport.

👁 Mockups

Mockups design 1
Mockups design 2
Mockups design 3
Mockups design 4
Mockups design 5
Mockups design 5

👁 Vinyl Cover

pendulum cover side b

👁 Bandcamp Cover

Instagram artwork